Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(June 7, 1945–January 30, 1978; birth name: Ross William Heilman): Amiable Jamaican of part-Seminole descent whose crocodile farm, the Jamaica Swamp Safari, became a principal location in Live and Let Die. Discovered on a location survey by director Guy Hamilton, art director Syd Cain, and writer Tom Mankiewicz, Kananga’s ranch contained nearly fourteen hundred crocodiles and alligators. Since Mankiewicz was on the survey, it is logical to think that he borrowed the name of Kananga the crocodile farmer when writing the character of Kananga the drug lord.

The real Kananga also performed the stunt in which James Bond (Roger Moore) jumps to safety across the backs of a group of hungry crocodiles.


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