Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Russian KGB operative, portrayed by Bogdan Kominowski, in A View to a Kill. Klotkoff is with General Gogol (WALTER GOTELL) when the head of the KGB confronts Max Zorin (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) at his French estate. It seems that Zorin no longer considers himself a KGB operative or under Gogol’s command. To reinforce that point, Zorin’s steroid-enhanced bodyguard, May Day (GRACE JONES), picks up Klotkoff and tosses him against a wall.

Klotkoff later participates in an underwater surveillance and demolition mission against Zorin’s oil-pumping facility in San Francisco Bay. Captured by May Day, he’s brought to Zorin, who orders him to disarm the limpet mine he placed. Klotkoff is then tossed into one of the station’s intake pipes, where’s he’s sliced to ribbons by an impeller.


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