Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Nevada resort that would have been the site of a wild boat chase in an early draft of Richard Maibaum’s screenplay for Diamonds Are Forever. Maibaum had discovered that each major hotel in Las Vegas maintained its own yacht on the lake for recreation and publicity purposes—Caesars Palace owned a Roman galley, the Riviera Hotel had a pirate frigate, etc.

In the script’s conclusion, Bond tracks an escaping Blofeld to the lake and watches as the SPECTRE chief takes off in a high-powered boat. Bond jumps on a powerboat himself, but before he gives chase, he speaks through a loudspeaker, summoning the captains of all the colorful yachts to do their duty for Las Vegas and blockade Blofeld’s escape route. With that, the flotilla gives chase, eventually cornering Blofeld above the awesome Hoover Dam. Later drafts, however, abandoned the Lake Mead boat chase in favor of the climactic battle aboard the oil-drilling platform in Baja California.


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