Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The make of the double-decker bus that was transported to Jamaica in 1972 to perform stunt chores in Live and Let Die. Fresh off of London’s route 19 from Battersea, it was driven by London bus-driving instructor Maurice Patchett. The Leyland was equipped with a standard 98 horsepower engine, a thirty-five-gallon gasoline tank, and a coat of grayish-green paint simulating the colors of fictional San Monique Transport. It was impossible to discern that a team of metalworkers had actually sawed off the top half of the bus body, placed it on metal rollers, and reattached it to the lower body so that when Patchett (doubling Roger Moore) hit the low-clearance trestle bridge, the upper half would easily come smashing off.


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