Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

French double agent, portrayed by Linda Christian, who helps James Bond (Barry Nelson) in the CBS live TV adaptation of Casino Royale. An ex-lover of Bond’s, Mathis at first appears to be working for Soviet master spy Le Chiffre (Peter Lorre). In reality, she is a Deuxiéme Bureau agent assigned to support Bond’s efforts to bankrupt Le Chiffre at the baccarat table in Monte Carlo. At a key moment in the game when Bond is wiped out, he suddenly receives an envelope containing 35 million francs. The money is from Mathis, and it’s enough to keep Bond in the game. After bankrupting Le Chiffre, Bond discovers that Mathis has been captured by the Soviet master spy. Unless Bond gives Le Chiffre the check for his winnings—87 million francs—Mathis will be killed.

The character gets her name from the character of Rene Mathis in Ian Fleming’s original novel, who was also an agent with the Deuxiéme Bureau.


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