Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Luscious assistant and helicopter pilot to billionaire shipping magnate Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens), portrayed by Caroline Munro in The Spy Who Loved Me. When Bond (Roger Moore) and Major Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) arrive in Sardinia for a visit with Stromberg, stunning, bikini-clad Naomi meets them at their hotel dock for a short motorboat trip to Atlantis—Stromberg’s amphibious laboratory. Her obvious interest in 007 doesn’t sit well with Anya at all, but a potential catfight is averted when Bond returns from his abbreviated visit with Stromberg.

Later, when 007 and Anya escape from killer motorcycles and cars, their final hurdle is Naomi herself, flying a machine-gun-equipped Jet Ranger helicopter that sticks to Bond’s trick Lotus like glue—until he drives the car into the ocean and converts it into a submarine. One of the film’s clever touches is Naomi winking at Bond while she’s trying to kill him. Hovering over the ocean, however, Naomi is unfortunately a ripe target for a subsurface-to-air missile that obliterates her and her chopper. One of the most sympathetic of all of James Bond’s adversaries, Naomi, nevertheless, took her paycheck from Stromberg—a fact that qualifies her for liquidation.


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