Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Russian military units under the direct command of General Orlov (STEVEN BERKOFF) in Octopussy. They compose 31 divisions, including I I tank divisions and five tank divisions in Czechoslovakia. They are supported on the western border of Russia by an additional 60 divisions, including 22 tank divisions, thus giving Orlov a ten-to-one advantage over U.S./NATO forces in Western Europe.

Based on a plan he has devised on the new Kutuzov computer, Orlov feels that a lightening thrust with 10 armored divisions from the north, supported by another five through Czechoslovakia, can achieve total victory in the West within five days against any possible defense. General Gogol (WALTER GOTELL) informs the Soviet leadership that any such foolhardy invasion would almost assuredly be met by nuclear weapons. What Gogol doesn’t know is that Orlov is planning to eliminate that deterrent.


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