Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Japanese industrialist and SPECTRE agent, portrayed by character actor Teru Shimada, in You Only Live Twice. The president of the Osato Chemical and Engineering Company Ltd., a SPECTRE front, Osato manufactures liquid oxygen, which Blofeld (DONALD PLEASENCE) uses as a propellant for his Intruder spaceship. The liquid oxygen (identified by the abbreviation LOX) is transported by freighter from the docks at Kobe. Osato’s assistant is the luscious Helga Brandt (KARIN DOR).

Following Henderson ‘s (CHARLES GRAY) assassin, Bond (SEAN CONNERY) breaks into Osato’s safe and gains his first clue—a receipt for a simple order for naval stores that includes 50 containers of LOX. Unable to assassinate Bond, Osato eventually retires to the rocket base, where he’s killed by Blofeld during the final battle with Tanaka‘s Ninjas.


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