Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

British Secret Service officer at MI6 communications headquarters, portrayed by John Hatton, who who loses contact with Commander John Strangways (Tim Moxon) in Dr. No. The London-based radio operator’s call sign is G7W, while the call sign for Strangways’s transmitter in Kingston, Jamaica, is W6N. When MI6 superiors ask the officer whether he’s lost contact with Jamaica on both the main and the emergency frequencies, he tells them, “No joy on either”; “no joy” is a term dating from the Battle of Britain during World War II, which refers to a lack of success in receiving radio messages.

The role of the radio operator was John Hatton’s feature film acting debut. After playing the robbery car driver in On the Run (1963), alongside future Bond players Patrick Barr (Octopussy), and Philip Locke (Thunderball), he was out of show business.


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