Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

An alternative energy system that is strongly featured in the Richard Maibaum/Tom Mankiewicz script for The Man with the Golden Gun. Introduced by Maibaum, it replaced a running duel-type story between James Bond and $1 million-a-shot assassin Francisco Scaramanga that was the center of Mankiewicz’s early drafts.

Said Maibaum, “As usual, we were looking for a world threat, and in the end it came down to either solar power or weather control. Harry Saltzman felt that weather control was not a good idea. He felt that it would just be a lot of special effects and stock footage showing hurricanes and tropical storms. He was right at the time. However, today, when special effects are a standard part of every science-fiction film, it is interesting to think about what the reaction might be to the weather-control idea.”


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