Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The conditions under which Bond (Sean Connery) and Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe) undertake a high-stakes golf challenge match at an English country club. Although the terms are suggested by Goldfinger, it is the clever 007 who takes advantage of them.

When Goldfinger tries to make up for his bad lie by having his caddy, Oddjob (Harold Sakata), plant a phony ball on the fairway and then calling it his own, 007 finds an alternative ball and tricks Goldfinger into playing it on his final tee shot. Bond loses the match on purpose, goes to the cup, and announces that Goldfinger has “accidentally” played the wrong ball somewhere on the course. Since strict rules of golf are in force, Bond is sorry to say that Goldfinger has lost the hole and the match.


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