Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

One of the major complaints about the 1965 James Bond movie is the presence of some glaring continuity errors. As editor Peter Hunt explained, “The whole film doesn’t bear watching too closely. And as for continuity slips, there were many. One that I love is when Bond (Sean Connery) and Leiter (Rik Van Nutter) are looking for the Vulcan bomber from their helicopter. In one shot, Rik is sitting there with a hat on, and in another sequence, he has on a completely different set of clothes. And both sequences are cut together. It worked because nobody ever noticed it. My rationale is that if we had nothing else, we had to make it work.

“In another sequence, Bond, having lost his own blue diving mask, swims over to a dead SPECTRE frogman and grabs his black mask. However, in the next shot, Bond has his blue mask back on. Sometimes when it comes time to juxtapose certain bits of film, you can’t. It’s not possible, and that’s how gaps occur. It’s better to maintain the pace of the film than to worry about continuity.”[1]

[1] Peter Hunt, interview by Steven Jay Rubin,  London, June 21, 1977.


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