Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Mustachioed South American army officer who’s portrayed by Ken Norris in the Octopussy teaser and impersonated by James Bond (ROGER MOORE). Costumed and made up to look like Toro (with a mustache glued to his upper lip), Bond’s mission is to sneak into a heavily guarded air force base hangar and place a demolition charge on a top-secret radar system. The ruse works for a moment, but 007 is soon captured when the real Toro shows up.

Placed in an army truck and guarded by two paratroopers, Bond is being driven down the highway when his assistant, sultry Bianca (TINA HUDSON), distracts the paratroopers long enough for Bond to pull the rip cords on their uniforms, catapulting them out of the truck. Agent 007 then jumps into Tina’s car, runs back to what appears to be a horse trailer, disconnects it from the car, and bids his lady friend good-bye.

As a swiftly moving convoy bears down on him, Bond enters the horse trailer and starts up the motor on an amazing mini-jet plane. Airborne, he is an immediate target for a heatseeking anti-aircraft missile. Somehow, Bond avoids the missile, flies into the hangar where the radar system is located, and manages to keep the missile on his trail long enough for it to completely obliterate the hangar and everything in it. Running out of gas, he stops at a rural filling station, smiles at the old-timer running the place, and suavely says, as only James Bond can say, “Fill ‘er up, please!”


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