Meeting Felix Leiter for the First Time

Meeting Felix Leiter for the First Time – Felix Leiter plays a major role in many Bond films to come (played by 6 different actors so far), but Dr. No is his first appearance and his first meeting with Bond.   First played by Jack Lord, then Cec Linder in Goldfinger, then Rick Van Nutter in Thunderball, Norman Burton in Diamonds are Forever, David Hedison in Live and Let Die,  John Terry in The Living Daylights,  David Hedison again in License to Kill, then a great one Jeffrey Wright in Casino Royale and again in Quantum of Solace.

Jack Lord, David Hedison and Jeffrey Wright were the hands-down best Felix Leiters.  We own Hedison’s autograph.   And it is confirmed that Jeffrey Wright will return for Bond 25!    He is excellent.

Bond – in A Tussle With Quarrel, Puss Feller

In this scene, we learn more about Bond’s dexterity and his ability to fight.    Cornered by Quarrel (played by John Kitzmiller) held in check by Puss Feller (played by Lester Prendergast), the alligator wrestler who owns the club, Bond fights his way out and gets the better of them both.  In so doing, he throws them into cases of Red Stripe beer – of which we have had many in Jamaica – until Felix Leiter walks in behind Bond with a gun trained on him.   For a moment, Bond thinks he has been out-maneuvered, but Felix introduces himself as an ally from the CIA.  Because Bond went with the driver at the airport, Leiter and Quarrel were not sure of Bond’s allegiances – now they understand who he is.

Meeting Felix Leiter for the first time for Bond and the viewers is exciting.   Leiter will play key roles in future Bond movies, and Quarrel, Junior will make an appearance in Live and Let Die, and is played by Roy Steward.  We also learn more about Bond.  Well done!


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