Bond Arrives in Jamaica

Bond Arrives in Jamaica

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Bond arrives in Jamaica via Pan American airlines.  He is still flying Pan American airlines in Licence to Kill when he goes to Key West Florida in the US.   Remember when he is leaving after Felix Leiter’s wedding to Della, he is at the Key West airport and walks up to the Pan American counter.

Well, when Bond lands in Jamaica, we gain insight into his thinking, questioning the situation, being suspicious.   We notice a woman photographer licking her flashbulb, a character watching from the balcony, and the driver who has come to get Bond.  –

Now the photographer in this scene is Marguerite Lewars, who was Miss Jamaica – so licking the flashbulb, although a useful thing to do to make better contact with the socket – is also a sexual thing here – this beautiful woman, in 1962, is licking a flashbulb in a major motion picture.

The Driver in Jamaica Who Picks Up Bond

Back to the driver:  The driver approaches Bond outside only after Bond gives up a taxi to two women who were trying to get a taxi – was this a bit late?   Bond’s instincts tell him not to trust this driver and he makes a call, while, unbeknownst to him,  Felix Leiter watches.   Bond discovers his Government House contact did not send a driver.  So Bond figures maybe he can get some info from this driver.

Bond gets in the back seat of this Chevy convertible, and they drive off, Leiter is trailing, but Bond does not know Leiter yet, they try to lose Leiter, pull over to the side, and then Bond gets the better of the driver, who takes cyanide instead of talking. Although this is a car chase, Bond is not driving, so it is not really considered Bond’s first car chase.  The scene is important because we do not know Bond well yet.  Nor do we who know who Leiter is yet either, and or if the driver of the Chevy convertible may have led Bond to the info he needs for this mission.  We are learning about Bond’s character, toughness and focus for the first time in this scene.

The death of the driver does not bother Bond at all, as he loads him into the back seat of the convertible.  Then he proceeds to drive himself to the Government House, quipping to the Government House personnel, “Sergeant, make sure he doesn’t get away.”  This is the first time we see this characteristic of Bond’s film personality – making a casual, amusing quip which he will become famous for in the films.

The Government House shown here is actually King’s House on Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

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