A View to a Kill

A VBiew to A Kill, editorial content, 007, James Bond, spy movie podcasts, EON Production movies, espionage, Roger MooreThis 1985 installment of the James Bond series was the last helmed by Roger Moore.

Once again we are treated to a megalomaniac, Max Zorin (Christopher Walken).  This time, instead of wanting to destroy the world, he wants to corner the  burgeoning important microchip industry. He will need to destroy Silicon Valley in California in order to achieve success.

Zorin’s henchwoman, May Day, is played by Grace Jones who has a very impressive wardrobe. May Day has an impressive escape from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Zorin needs to buy an oil business from Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts) who is also a geologist.  She helps Bond in figuring out Zorin’s plot.

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Goldfinger, editorial content, 007, James Bond, spy movie podcasts, EON Production movies, espionage, Sean Connery
Goldfinger Poster

After successfully blowing up a drug lab in Central America, Bond needs a vacation.   So, he heads to the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, Florida in the USA.  And so begins the Goldfinger – James Bond 007 saga.

Listen to our filming location podcast on “SpyMovieNavigator Visits Goldfinger Filming Locations in Miami Florida (USA)!”

We break down the movie, discussing the film and how it either was influenced by or influenced real-life events or other movies in this podcast.

In this curated movie section (and in the related podcast), we look at it as it related to other bond films before and after, and to many subtleties:

        • The pre-title sequence when Bond removes the wet suit and is in a tux – discussion of the real-life similar event!
        • The title sequence has flashbacks to No and From Russia With Love
        • Goldfinger publicity poster discussed!
        • Always in Gold!
        • Villain’s Megalomaniacal behavior – in Goldfinger, Dr. No and From Russia With Love
        • Other movies mentions; The Man with the Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever
        • SpyMovieNavigator on location at Stoke Poges Club (where Goldfinger and Bond golf). Photos!
        • The tender side of Bond revealed again
        • The laser versus table saw
        • The three things Goldfinger loves about gold
        • Meeting Pussy and Goldfinger’s Lockheed notes
        • The ruthlessness of Goldfinger
        • Oddjob and Bond


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