Funeral in Berlin (1966)

FUNERAL IN BERLIN (1966) continues the development of Len Deighton’s spy character, Harry Palmer, in the movies.  In the novels Len Deighton’s character did not have a name.  For the movies, they gave him the name, “Harry Palmer!”

Starring Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, we see lots of connections to James Bond, including key personnel like Harry Saltzman, the producer, Guy Coleman (who was in Thunderball) and more.

Join Dan and Tom as they head to Germany to attend the Funeral in Berlin!   This 1966 movie is the second installment after The Ipcress File.

  • Lots of Bond connections,
  • quips,
  • key scenes are explored from a fresh angle.

If a funeral could be fun, this is it!  Join us, won’t you?

Join the fun in Cracking the Code of FUNERAL IN BERLIN  – some interesting reveals!  Watch the two-part videos below for key scene analysis and commentaries, connections and more!


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