Goldfinger Title Sequence

Goldfinger Title Sequence – This title sequence highlights various scenes we will see in the movie (much like the Mission Impossible television series did around the same time).  Here, Shirley Bassey sings the title theme song.   The simple beauty of this title sequence carries the gold theme throughout.  Similarly, Goldfinger carries the gold theme throughout the movie,  by almost always wearing something gold.

Watch the golden hands at the beginning, where Goldfinger is introduced, on the left, then Bond on the right.  The additional main characters like Jill Masterson and Pussy Galore, the DB5, Oddjob, and Mr. Solo are also included.   There are actually a couple of flashbacks to Dr. No and From Russia With Love too in this sequence.   This is a brilliant title sequence that has captivated millions of Bond fans to this day.  Simply fantastic!

And this is one of our favorite title sequences done in any spy movie.  You will notice scenes from the previous Bond movies are projected onto the golden woman’s body – which is alone brilliant.   Actress Margaret Nolan was the golden girl in this title sequence, and she was also the golden body in the movie posters.

Goldfinger Poster in Many Ways Captures the Goldfinger Title Sequence

Robert Brownjohn designed both the title sequence and the promotional posters.   One of our favorite posters, which we own, is a simple, vertical poster, with a black background.   It has the words in white, “James Bond is Back in Action” and includes several photos of Bond.  In particular, one is with a Bond girl, and the golden girl lies horizontally across the middle of the poster.

Continuing, the golden words “Everything he touches turns to excitement” is the overwhelming message.  And this, of course,  a play on the words, “everything he touches turns to gold.”   So, the attribute of success, which goes along with the original idea of “everything he touches turns to gold”, is attributed to Bond.  Specifically, here as it refers to the excitement he creates, for us, the viewers.  Simply brilliant.

Who does not know the Goldfinger theme music?  It was one of the most successful themes of any Bond film.

Music by John Barry, as always, is marvelous and inspiring.  Guy Hamilton does another spectacular job directing the film to be one of the best Bond films ever made.  This Goldfinger Title Sequence is yummy!   One of our favorites!


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