James Bond Monthly Online Trivia Event & Zoom Party!


Play our James Bond Monthly Trivia Game.
And all players will be invited to out Zoom Party right after the game ends!
“It was incredibly fun. Can’t wait to do more.”– Eric S.
“Fun time” – Dennis D.
“Great game!” William K.

Do you think you know James Bond Movies?
All levels welcomed! It’s just fun!

Join the fun! Meet great fans!

SpyMovieNavigator.com runs a monthly 25 question trivia game where you can compete against other James Bond movie fans. We might have a couple of bonus questions from a related podcast episode! That will be announced ahead of time. Takes about 30 minutes.

This is held on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00pm US Central Time (UTC-5) – unless otherwise noted!

If you want in, you must register.

Here is a sample question from our first quiz.

Picture of sample question from James Bond movie game

The answer is George Lazenby but you already knew that. Right?

Don’t forget to listen to our James Bond podcasts. We might pull some of our questions from them. Our channel on your favorite podcast app is call Cracking the Code of Spy Movies.

At Spy Movie Navigator we are building a Worldwide Community of Spy Movie fans – with over 15,000 Followers on Facebook, and over 3,500 in our private Facebook Group (The Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans) – so join the fun! Although this quiz is about James Bond movies, we do more than just James Bond. Do you like old spy movies like The 39 steps, Notorious, or North by Northwest? Or maybe you like the new movies like The Gray Man or All the Old Knives? We have content on all of those. Spy Movies from classics, Bond, Mission: Impossible through current releases -we decode spy movies!

Podcasts, unique YouTube videos and a monthly Spy Movie News which brings you up-to-date on what’s happening with Spy Movies – are all available free for you through SpyMovieNavigator.com – join the party!

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