Julian Glover Talks FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, his new book, and other roles!


Julian Glover talks with Dan and Tom about his fascinating six-decade stage, movie, and television career in a fascinating, wide-ranging, and exciting interview. We also talk about Julian’s recently released book called CUE TO CUE. In CUE TO CUE, Glover talks about his life, his career, and includes many photographs to bring it all home.

By listening to this interview, you’ll learn a lot about Julian Glover: his awards, working with family members, his audition to play James Bond, his passion for stage acting, and much more. We even talk about some fairly unknown filming facts such as who the waiter was that spilled shrimp all over Julian while filming a dinner scene in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. We hadn’t heard that one before.  It is very funny.


Spy movie fans will recognize Julian Glover from such roles as Kristatos in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and Harcourt-Smith in THE FOURTH PROTOCOL. He has had roles in some of the biggest movie and television series such as STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, HARRY POTTER, and “GAME OF THRONES”. Television fans will recognize him as Commander Anderson in “SPY TRAP”, his two roles in “THE SAINT”, “QUILLER”, “REMINGTON STEELE”, “THE SPYS OF WARSAW”, and others.

Julian Glover has recieved three Laurence Olivier Award nominations, winning once for his role as King Henry IV. He has also been awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2013.

So take a listen, we cover all of these things and more.

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