THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Filming Locations video from Sardinia with clips and pictures!

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Filming Locations video from Sardinia! Your covert field operatives Dan and Tom trace their exploits in visiting the filming locations in Sardinia, Italy from the James Bond Movie, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.   They not only talk about these locations, but show you clips from the movie as well as pictures of what these locations look like today.

Many people love going to James Bond filming locations. Dan and Tom do as well. Many times, these locations are very cool.  Sardinia, Italy is one such place – simply beautiful and a destination which made the trip that much more fun!

Not everything went smoothly for them:  Issues with their rental car, places that were closed for the season, and, hey, a balcony was missing – all made the trip that much more memorable. However, they got to all the sites and only needed a 2-night stay to do that.

Which Filming Locations?

For the most part, all the Jemes Bond filming locations are all fairly close to each other on Sardinia.  The ferry dock in Palau is the farthest drive from the beaches and hotels from the movie and it is only about a 30-minute or so drive away. Everything else is closer together.  So, get the whole story and tune in! The sites they talk about are:

  • The hotel where James Bond and Agent XXX stay, using the pseudonym Mr. & Mrs. Sterling (in 2 bedrooms because Moneypenny was being overly efficient).  This is also the place where they meet Naomi as she pulls up in the boat.
  • The ferry dock where Q brings Bond the Lotus Espirit
  • The church and village square where the motorcycle chase starts
  • The pullout on the side of the road where Naomi pops up in the helicopter
  • The pier where the Lotus plunges into the water
  • The beach where the Lotus drives out of the water

They give you some tips about the area and what to look for when hunting these sites.

So, have a listen and you’ll “Be in the Know” about traveling to James Bond filming locations in Sardinia, Italy!

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