Uwe Brosamle Tells Us How To Visit James Bond Filming Locations!

Uwe Brosamle Tells Us How To Visit James Bond Filming Locations! Uwe is one of the leading experts on traveling to James Bond filming locations.  He joins us for amazing episode. Uwe Brosamle estimates he’s traveled to over 80% of the James Bond filming locations – and he’s done it in just 10 years.

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Most James Bond fans love discovering and visiting James Bond filming locations – and certainly, it is a passion for Dan and Tom – so it is great to talk with an expert on how to do it right.

Tips from Uwe Brosamle

In this fascinating interview, Uwe tells us how he tracks down the locations, meticulously plans his trips (this takes A LOT of time) and gives all of us some tips for planning these special trips which can save us all some serious time. It is great to be able to learn from an expert.  Listening to his guidance can make your location hunting trips much easier and fruitful.

Uwe also talks about some of the challenges in getting into a location once he’s located it. Dan and Tom have experienced some of these too.  We bet that you will as well. Uwe has had to deal with renting boats, big dogs, trying to get onto private property, government property, and properties that are just hard to get to (expect that you will have long walks to get to some locations).  Of course, he gives us some suggestions for dealing with these issues.

In his travels, he has come across many very helpful people.  Often by accident.  He tells some stories about these interactions, including one where he knocked on the door of a famous actress.  She was most gracious.

Finally, Uwe talks about some of the artifacts he has found at filming locations.  Apparently, after a shoot, let’s just say, clean-up isn’t always thorough. That can work to a filming location traveler’s benefit!

So, have a listen and you’ll “Be in the Know” about traveling to James Bond filming locations!

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