Video: SPECTRE – can this James Bond movie be defended

SPECTRE – can this James Bond movie be defended? Dan and Tom bring Vicky back to answer this question.

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While SPECTRE is not often in a James Bond fan’s top 5 list, it is often in a Bond fan’s bottom 10 list.  Why is that?  What about this movie turns fans off?

Dan, Tom, and Vicky uncover both the positives and the negatives of SPECTRE to try to figure out if it can be defended.

Let’s Look At The Negatives

They start with a look at some of the negatives of SPECTRE.

  • Dan, Tom, and Vicky think one of the problems is the reason Blofeld hates James Bond.  At least the reason Blofeld tells Bond.  Dan says that this plot point irks him.
  • Or maybe it is the character of Madeleine Swann.  Vicky says she thinks the character is too flat.
  • Or maybe it is the writing of Purvis and Wade.  You know Tom will chime in on that one.
  • And more.

And Now The Positives

To be sure, there are some positives in SPECTRE.  Such as:

  • The production quality is top-notch, a signature of Eon Productions’ James Bond movies.
  • The spectacular pre-title sequence.
  • The supporting cast.
  • And more.

This is a lively discussion as the three of them aren’t in agreement on all the positives and negatives.

So, What Do You Think: SPECTRE – can this James Bond movie be defended?

So, what are your reasons for liking or disliking SPECTRE?  Can you defend it?

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