What Ever Happened to the Cessna from LICENCE TO KILL?

The pre-title sequence of the James Bond movie, LICENCE TO KILL had Franz Sanchez escape James Bond, Felix Leiter and the DEA by flying off in a Cessna. Well, he thought he escaped. This scene introduced us to a new definition for the term “Let’s go fishing”.

What happened to this Cessna after the movie? Is it still around? If so, what does it look like?

Have you driven on the highway and seen the tail of an airplane hanging out the back of a truck? You might have seen this plane in transport.

Well, the Ian Fleming Foundation has obtained this plane and will be restoring it. Watch as Colin Clark tells us the fun story behind how the Ian Fleming Foundation acquired the plane and what they had to do in order to bring it home.

The LICENCE TO KILL Cessna is just one of the vehicles they have.  Check out their website to see more of the James Bond movie-used vehicles they have acquired.

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