What Ever Happened to the GOLDFINGER Jetstar plane?

The GOLDFINGER Jetstar was used as the private jet for the James Bond movie, Goldfinger.  It was where James Bond first met Pussy Galore.  It was also used as the military jet that was to take Bond to Washington D.C.

So, what happened to this plane after the movie? Is it still around? If so, what does it look like?

Well, the Ian Fleming Foundation has obtained this plane and is actively restoring it. The plane was in very bad condition when the Foundation obtained it.

Watch as Steve Targosz tells us the fun story behind what the Ian Fleming Foundation is doing with the plane for the restoration.  The detail behind what they are doing is fascinating.

The GOLDFINGER Jetstar is just one of the vehicles the Foundation has.  Check out their website to see more of the James Bond movie-used vehicles they have acquired.

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