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Die Another Day

Die Another Day, editorial content, 007, James Bond, spy movie podcasts, EON Production movies, espionage, Pierce BrosnanDie Another Day was Pierce Brosnan’s last outing as Bond, released in 2002, and was Eon Production’s 20th Bond movie.   Considered the weakest Brosnan movie as Bond. It involves another plot to destroy the world, this time with a space-based weapon system controlled by Gustav Graves. There is some connection between this North Korean terrorist, Graves, and diamonds.  Someone is using these diamonds to basically fund the development of this space weapon.

It begins with Bond having been captured and imprisoned in North Korea for quite a while before some deal is made to free him in exchange for another agent.  Bond thinks someone in his own agency betrayed him, and so after escaping pursues Zao, the agent who got Bond imprisoned. 

After meeting Jinx (Halle Barry) he discovers a connection between Graves and Zao – and the funding of this deadly space weapon.

Bond must save the day and ultimately does with some help.

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