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SPECTRE, editorial content, 007, James Bond, spy movie podcasts, EON Production movies, espionage, Daniel CraigSpectre, considered the worst of the Daniel Craig Bond movies and the 24th entry by Eon Productions, was released in 2015. Yes, Blofeld is back – and with a disturbing revelation.  And so, Spectre is back as well.  

Though M from Skyfall is dead, a video messages asks Bond to do her a favor and kill Sciara.  The pre-title is a brilliant one, taking place in Mexico City. 

This leads Bond to Rome and his discovery of Spectre – run by Blofeld. 

He finds Mr. White (who we met in Casino Royale) – who is basically hiding out after deserting Spectre – and he kills himself as he has been poisoned by Spectre anyway, and wants Bond to save his daughter, Madeleine Swann.

So, Bond investigates Spectre, discovers Blofeld’s secret connection to Bond and the chilling ending.

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