Cracking the Code of Spy Movies’ Fourth Anniversary Show – 2023!

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Cracking the Code of Spy Movies’ Fourth Anniversary Show – 2023!

Join Dan and Tom on their fourth anniversary show! We celebrate the four years of and Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

Welcome to our fourth anniversary show! Yes, and our podcast show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies have just passed their fourth anniversary. Thanks to all of you for listening and getting us here!

Join Dan and Tom as they look back on the past year. It has been an exciting one with interview highlights with Trina Parks, Robert Davi, Julian Glover, Del Singh, James Bond Movie Quizzes, movie reviews, and more.

We focused and decoded a lot more classic spy movies, or movies from decades ago. Many of them you might not have experienced. We talk through these in this episode. You might discover a movie you didn’t know about and find a new favorite!  We will help “navigate” you there!

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So, once you’ve listened to our fourth anniversary show, please let us know what you think. Is there anything you’d like to see us add for the coming year? You can let us know at

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