Mark Cerulli on The Making of GOLDFINGER and THUNDERBALL

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Mark Cerulli on The Making of GOLDFINGER and THUNDERBALL

Mark Cerulli wrote or co-produced the MAKING OF series for the James Bond movies GOLDFINGER and THUNDERBALL. Watch as he tells us the story.

Mark Cerulli is a writer, producer, and director who helped create the “Making Of” series giving us the behind the scenes look at GOLDFINGER and THUNDERBALL.

Mark tells us how the series was made, behind the scenes stories, his interactions with Sean Connery, and much more.

Mark also discusses his documentary BY DESIGN: THE JOE CAROFF STORY.   We KNOW every James Bond fan is familiar with Joe Caroff’s work.  Yet, you probably have never heard of him.  Mark fills you in on Joe’s major contributions to the James Bond movie franchise as well as other places you will have seen Joe’s work.   The documentary is available for streaming on MAX.

Finally, Mark discusses his upcoming movie, AREA 5150.  This is the first full-length movie that Mark Cerulli has written and produced.

So, have a listen and you’ll “Be in the Know”. We had a lot of fun with this interview.  

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