MOONRAKER – Pre-Title Sequence DECODED!

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MOONRAKER – Pre-Title Sequence DECODED!

Dan Silvestri, Tom Pizzato, and Vicky Hodges decode the pre-title sequence of Moonraker.


Space shuttles! Airplanes! Parachutes! Skydiving! Circuses! Jaws! Explosions! Plans to kill Bond . . . and a beautiful woman!

Can shuttles fly? Is Bond really on his last leg? Whatever happened to that leg?!

Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as we get a leg-up on the pre-title sequence of MOONRAKER! And Philip Latchford and John Cork weigh in too with us!



In this episode, we decode the following from the movie Moonraker:

  • The use of the 747 and needed modifications
  • Why the shuttle couldn’t do what the movie shows
  • Bond on his last leg
  • Where did Jaws come from?
  • The great aerial stunts in this scene
  • How the 1969 movie The Gypsy Moths likely inspired part of this pre-title sequence
  • A costume tie-in to real 18th century attire
  • And more …




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