NO TIME TO DIE – Decoding the Pluses and Minuses!

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NO TIME TO DIE – Decoding the Pluses and Minuses!

Vicky, Dan, and Tom decode NO TIME TO DIE. The good and the bad. We also have a review by Morgan Lisney.


NO TIME TO DIE – we look at some of the pluses and minuses of the movie as we decode certain scenes.   Morgan Lisney, winner of the 2020 James Bond International Trivia Marathon, sends in his summary review of the movie too.

SPOILERS are rampant in this podcast!   If you have not yet seen NO TIME TO DIE, skip this podcast until you have seen the movie.


In this episode, Vicky, Dan, and Tom decode the pluses and minuses of No Time To Die:

  • What worked and what didn’t work
  • Production Quality
  • Tom’s desire to see Purvis and Wade extricated from the series
  • Why we almost didn’t recognize James Bond
  • The Pre-title sequence
  • The Titles (awesome in the 3D format)
  • The new characters
  • The existing characters
  • The three parts to the end of the movie
  • And Morgan Lisney expresses his opinions of NTTD
  • And More…

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