RAAZI Is A Spy Movie Worth Watching

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RAAZI Is A Spy Movie Worth Watching

Dan and Tom decode the movie RAAZI. Is it a spy movie worth watching? Find out why this is one of Tom’s favorite spy movies.

RAAZI Is A Spy Movie Worth Watching

The 2018 Indian movie RAAZI is a spy movie worth watching. It is one of Tom’s all-time favorite spy movies. Have you heard of RAAZI?

RAAZI is a fictionalized drama about a real spy in the 1971 India-Pakistan war.  This is an espionage movie, not an action movie, which we think is a good thing.

The central theme of this movie is “What are you prepared to do for your country?”

Why is this a spy movie worth watching?   Dan and Tom detail the reasons why, and also talk about some of the criticisms of RAAZI. Listening to this episode will enhance your understanding and viewing experience of the movie!

Alia Bhatt fans will not want to miss RAAZI. She is excellent in it, as is the rest of the cast.

As of this posting (April 2, 2024), RAAZI is available on Amazon Prime in the US. RAAZI is released in the Hindi language with English subtitles. 

So, have you seen RAAZI? If so, do you think RAAZI is a spy movie worth watching? Did Dan and Tom miss anything?  Let us know your thoughts, ideas for future episodes, and what you thought of this episode by dropping us a note at info@spymovienavigator.com.  The more we hear from you, the better the show will be!

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