THE TRAITORS – A British B Movie Makes the Grade

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THE TRAITORS – A British B Movie Makes the Grade

Join Dan and Tom as they decode the spy movie THE TRAITORS, a 1962 British B Movie. Does it make the Grade?

Join Dan and Tom as they discover THE TRAITORS, a 1962 British B Spy Movie. Does it make the Grade?

Low budget B movies were made, for the most part, to be the second billing on double features. Low-budget doesn’t necessarily mean a bad movie. In this episode we dive into THE TRAITORS without giving away the movie.

THE TRAITORS has a good cast starring Patrick Allen, James Maxwell, Jacqueline Ellis, and Zena Walker.

We look at the high-level plot, what makes this a B movie, how espionage is portrayed, the music and more. For the most part, this is espionage!

At Spy Movie Navigator, one of our goals is to identify Influences. Specifically, where a movie was influenced by or has influenced other spy movies and real life. THE TRAITORS has significantly influenced parts of THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, ALLIED, the the Harry Palmer Series, ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE, THUNDERBALL, LICENCE TO KILL and more. Take a listen to find out about these influences.

THE TRAITORS is a fairly common name for movie titles and television shows, including the currently airing games show. So, to be clear, we’re examining the 1962 movie here.

So, join Dan and Tom for their THE TRAITORS – A British B Movie Makes the Grade episode.

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