YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded

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YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded

Join Dan, Tom & Vicky as they decode the pre-title sequence of You Only Live Twice!

Join Dan, Tom & Vicky as they decode the pre-title sequence of You Only Live Twice!

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In this episode we examine:

  • The length of time it took Chris to “try” to get back to the spacecraft
  • How one spacecraft swallowing another is similar to scenes from The Spy Who Loved Me and Q Planes.
  • How Houston and Cap-Con were mispronounced
  • The great work on the McDonnell Aircraft employees and the NASA control Center
  • How realistic the maneuvering device is that Chris uses on his EVA
  • Is it a spaceship or a spacecraft?
  • Tsai Chin, playing Ling, and her role in another James Bond movie
  • Bond’s death in bed and our questions about this scene.
  • And More …


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