DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER Filming Location Revealed with Matt Sherman!

Contributed by: Dan Silvestri, Tom Pizzato, and Matt Sherman - Spy Movie Navigator

Who is buried in the mausoleum niche in Diamonds are Forever?  And where exactly is it?  We recall Bond placing the urn in the crypt and removing an envelope . . . well, it’s NOT where everyone thinks it is!

Matt Sherman joins us to reveal the real location!  This is some real top secret sleuthing!

Matt Sherman runs, is the author of Playing Games With James Bond and James Bond’s Cuisine, has been to over 400 Bond locations around the world, has conducted 34 locations tours in the US and overseas, and has Emceed 85 Bond genre events!


Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss Matt’s most recent tour to Las Vegas to examine the filming locations for Diamonds Are Forever.

For years, tours have gone through the Palm Mortuary and looking for the niche in the Mausoleum where James Bond exchanges the ‘diamonds’ for the ‘money’.  Well, up until now, people have thought it was one niche, but they’ve been wrong.

We talk about where people used to thing the niche was, why they thought that, and how Matt and his tour group discovered that the location in the movie was not quite where everyone has thought it was.

This is a fascinating look at the process of finding filming locations.  It also shows how things can change in 50 years.