FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

Contributed by: Daniel Silvestri, Tom Pizzato, and Vicky Hodges for

Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as we kick off our series into the pre-title sequences of spy movies, with From Russia With Love!

We’ll dive into the statuary in the garden, the importance of every sound we hear and lots more.

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Episode Notes

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Our discussion of the From Russia With Love pre-title sequence looks at:

  • A brief history of pre-title sequences in movies
  • The setting of the garden in From Russia With Love‘s pre-title sequence
  • The use of statues
  • How lighting affects the viewing of the scene
  • Why does James Bond not seem confident in this scene
  • Who and what caused the sound that sounded like a twig snapping
  • Why did the dead guy at the end have a mustache?
  • And More …