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5th Ian Fleming James Bond 007 novel (1957), 2nd EON Productions James Bond 007 film (1963).

In this curation of the movie, we talk about other movies as they relate to From Russia With Love and lots of other insights into the scenes like:

  • The Pre-title sequence is unique – and we discuss the use of masks here, and how The List of Adrian Messenger, and later Mission: Impossible TV series and movies use masks.
  • President Kennedy boosts Ian Fleming book sales
  • No throwbacks
  • Cats in films
  • Istanbul – Klebb demonstrates same-sex tendencies
  • Bring on the gadgets
  • Mission: Impossible versus Bond
  • On location at some film sites
  • AR-7 rifle specs
  • Bond and Tania sex talk
  • On location at the Blue Mosque
  • Bosphorus River Ferry
  • Fight to the death on the Orient Express
  • Other movies mentioned here in relation to From Russia With Love: The 39 Steps, The Spy Who Loved Me, SPECTRE, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, North by Northwest, Quantum of  Solace
  • SpyMovieNavigator on location in Scotland
  • SPECTRE – a job for life. . .
  • Venice gondola scenes and Venice canals, Bridge of Signs, – a discussion of potential meanings
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When Ian Fleming wrote From Russia With Love, the Soviet Union had not yet launched Sputnik, the first satellite ever put into space.

But by October 4th, 1957, Sputnik was successfully launched which began the official space race between the then Soviet Union and the United States – so the subject matter of the film was very much on everyone’s mind worldwide – what will happen in space, and what will tensions between the US and the Soviet Union bring to the world. Another great choice by EON Productions to produce this film in 1963.

From Russia with Love is the second EON Productions entry into the film series and it is an outstanding film. Many choose From Russia With Love as one of their favorite James Bond movies.  And we have to agree – this is definitely is one of our top 5 Bond films ever made by EON Productions because of the screenplay, the cast, and just how well the story unfolds before our eyes. This is a top-notch Bond!   James Bond.

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Curated Videos:

  • From Russia With Love Trailer

    Here is a 2 minute plus trailer to whet your appetite for the film for From Russia With Love

  • Pre-title Sequence

    In the one of the most intriguing pre-title sequences, the mood is dark, the setting is dark, and we see Bond pursued by an agent (SPECTRE).

  • SPECTRE Briefing

    In this clip, we get a glimpse into the existence of SPECTRE and how SPECTRE works its evil plans.

  • Tatiana and Klebb (Head of Operations for SMERSH) Have A Meeting

    Here we see the behind the scenes plan for getting the Lektor.

  • A Smart Looking Piece of Luggage: Briefcase

    As Bond is called into M’s office to get the details of his assignment to Istanbul to recover the Lector, we see Q Branch, the quartermaster (Boothroyd), for the first time, played by Desmond Llewelyn.

  • Bond Lands in Istanbul

    Bond lands in Istanbul – After leaving M’s office, knowing that he is Istanbul-bound, he signs the photograph that M wants back and gives it to Miss Moneypenny with the inscription, “With Love” to which Bond adds above it, “From Russia!”

    Notice Moneypenny’s face – looking longingly at Bond. All the Connery movies have this playful […]

  • James Bond and Karim at Cistern

    Bond heads to Istanbul to meet Karin Bey the MI6 agent in Instanbul, and to talk about meeting Tatiana Romanov

  • The Gypsy Camp

    Bey uses the gypsies for information. This has caused tension with the rival gypsy groups.

  • Krilencu Hideout

    Here Bond and Bey take care of Krilencu so there is no other chance Krilencu will get Bey.

  • It’s the Right Size

    When Bond gets a new suite at the hotel because of the bugged suite, he returns to it to find Tatiana Romanov in his bed.

  • Red Grant Kills Foreign Agent

    Tania obviously got the plan of the consulate and will leave it at the Aya Sofia as Bond had suggested.

  • Ferry Boat Encounter

    In this scene, ferry boat encounter, we see the relationship building between Bond and Tatiana, and learn of the specifics of the Lektor decoding machine.

  • Russian Clocks are Always Right – Escape with the Lektor

    The Lektor is the reason Bond is in Istanbul, and here he receives clearance from M to proceed with the mission.

  • Train Fight

    One of the greatest train fights in all cinema, this one is brutal, painful, and dangerous.

  • Truck vs. Helicopter

    In what will become a staple item in future spy movie films, this helicopter chase scene sets the stage for the rest of From Russia With Love, and for many spy movies to come.

  • Death of Kronsteen

    We know very little about SPECTRE at this point, but this scene highlights how brutal and unforgiving SPECTRE is, and we get a glimpse of # 1, albeit from shoulders down, as he is stroking a white cat, as we flashback to the cat that walked by Tania as she was on her way to meet Kleb for the first time.

  • Klebb’s Final Assault

    Just when you think it’s safe . . .Kleb shows up once again, in Venice, as Bond and Tania are reasdy to depart.

  • Venice – Canal Scene Ends the Movie

    The boat scene in Venice, when Tania and Bond are now relaxing with the mission complete, the establishing shots are of the Doge Place, the Bridge of Sighs, the Venice canals.