James Bond’s FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

Contributed by: Dan Silvestri, Tom Pizzato, Vicky Hodges - Spy Movie Navigator


A cemetery, a special grave, a Universal Exports helicopter being flown by remote control, chasing down a bald man in a wheelchair and down he gooooooooes!

Fly with us through the Pre-Title and Title sequences of the James Bond movie, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we decode the following from the pre-title and title sequences of For Your Eyes Only:

  • The cemetery scene
  • Does the placement of the flowers mean something?
  • Where is the cemetary?
  • The minister seems sinister
  • Who is that guy in the wheelchair
  • Flying through buildings
  • Do helicopters doors lock?
  • What may be the stupidest line ever in a movie
  • and more …