James Bond’s SKYFALL Pre-Title Sequence Decoded!

Aliens? An agent dies?  A twin-drummed magazine on a pistol, motorcycles on rooftops, an inexperienced agent, a fight on a train (oh, really?!), an excavator put to novel use, and Bond dies again?

Join Dan, Tom and Vicky as they get on-track and take a shot at decoding the pre-title sequence to SKYFALL! Let’s Go!!!

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we look at the following from Skyfall:

  • The call-backs to Mission: Impossible, U.S. Marshals, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, The General, Wolverine, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. the song “Alice’s Restaurant’ and more.
  • How much the twin-barrel magazine gun that Patrice uses weighs.
  • How inept the agent helping James Bond is.  We find out later she’s Moneypenny.
  • The humor and interaction between Moneypenny and James Bond.
  • The motorcycle chase.
  • The amazing transmission capability of the earpieces.
  • The Caterpillar Excavator.
  • And More …