ALGERNON (aka Algy)

Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

James Bond’s (SEAN CONNERY) dry-witted equipment officer in Never Say Never Again and writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr.‘s, version of Q, portrayed by Alec McCowen. A victim of the British Secret Service’s new budget constraints, poor Algy works in a cluttered, air-conditioned workshop that plays havoc with his sinuses, let alone his department’s capabilities. Still, he’s able to provide 007 with some formidable items, such as a rocket-propelled motorcycle, a laser-equipped watch, and a very lethal fountain pen that comes in extremely handy during Bond’s climactic confrontation with Fatima Blush (BARBARA CARRERA). Now that Bond’s back on the job, Algy also hopes that “some gratuitous sex and violence” will also return to the ranks of the Secret Service.


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