Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Truly wicked SPECTRE executioner portrayed by Barbara Carrera in Never Say Never Again. Fatima is introduced as a private-duty nurse assigned to Captain Jack Petachi (Gavan O’Herlihy), a US Air Force communications officer who has been turned by SPECTRE. Bribed, seduced, drugged, and beaten into submission by Fatima, Petachi has received a corneal implant so that he now possesses the same eye print as the president of the United States. With that startling enhancement, he can bypass a top-level security check and arm two cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. Petachi succeeds in his mission—and is promptly eliminated by Fatima, who tosses a snake into his car, distracting him into a head-on collision with a stone wall.

Turning her attentions to James Bond (Sean Connery), Fatima meets him at a “wet” bar in Nassau, Bahamas, and takes him for a diving excursion off Bluebeard Reef. After they make torrid love, she attaches a homing device to Bond’s diving gear that summons a group of radio-controlled sharks ready for the kill. Bond eludes them, hooks up with a sexy deep-sea diver (Valerie Leon), and evades another attempt on his life when Fatima detonates a bomb in his hotel suite.

In Nice, France, she leads a motorcycle-riding 007 on a merry chase that winds up in a tunnel, where Bond is surrounded by her henchmen. Employing the rocket-motor capabilities of his bike, Bond escapes from the nest of enemies, only to be cornered by Fatima in a warehouse. Forced to his knees, Bond is about to have his genitals blown off when Blush orders him to confess in writing that their sex was the best he ever had.

Bond stalls for time, then deploys and fires his rocket-loaded fountain pen, plunging an explosive dart into Fatima’s chest. For an agonizing moment, nothing happens, but then she’s blown to kingdom come. Like a latter-day wicked witch, only her high heels remain.


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