Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

A spirited contest between Kamal Khan (LOUIS JOURDAN) and James Bond (ROGER MOORE) in Octopussy. Structured like the golf match in Goldfinger, it’s the first real face-to-face encounter between the two enemies in the film. Bond has actually been observing Kamal’s game with the losing Major Clive (STUART SAUNDERS), who announces that he cannot accept the challenge when Kamal raises the stakes to 100,000 rupees. 007 also notices that Kamal is using loaded dice.

Bond takes over the game, only to lose the full amount when Kamal rolls double sixes. This time, 007 doubles the bet to 200,000 rupees. Asked for collateral, he produces the genuine Fabergé egg he stole from Sotheby’s. A smug Kamal agrees to the bet and explains that Bond can win only with double sixes.

As a large crowd observes the encounter, Bond remarks that he needs some of Kamal’s luck, so he takes his opponent’s dice. After shaking the dice in their container, he rolls them out on the table, producing winning double sixes. Asked to pay Bond in cash, Kamal Khan stares daggers across the table and says with a Bond movie villain’s typical malice. “Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond.”


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