Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Exiled Afghan prince portrayed with a strong touch of evil by Louis Jourdan in Octopussy. In league with fanatical Russian general Orlov (Steven Berkoff), Kamal Khan is getting a treasure trove of Kremlin jewelry in return for his services in supplying the traveling circus of Octopussy (Maud Adams) as cover for Orlov’s plan to detonate a nuclear device on a US Air Force base in West Germany. Octopussy herself is actually being kept in the dark about the bomb—she thinks she’s involved in a simple jewelry smuggling operation.

Bond meets the suspicious Kamal Khan at Sotheby’s, where he enters the auction for a jeweled Fabergé egg stolen by the conspirators and bids up the price considerably—Bond’s colleague 009 nabbed the forged replacement egg from Octopussy’s circus, so Orlov needs the real one back before the Kremlin realizes it’s missing. Following Khan to Udaipur, India, 007 enters a backgammon game against the cheating prince and wins 200,000 rupees. In order to retrieve the real Fabergé egg that Bond stole from the auction—by carefully switching the forged version for the real thing—Khan employs the seductive Magda (Kristina Wayborn), who beds Bond and steals back the egg, which now contains a listening bug planted there by 007. Waving good-bye to the beautiful Swedish vamp, Bond is knocked unconscious by Khan’s bodyguard Gobinda (Kabir Bedi). He wakes up in Kamal Khan’s Monsoon Palace, where he is an imprisoned guest. When Orlov arrives for a final briefing, Bond attempts to listen in to their conversation, but Magda’s blow-dryer jams the frequency. All he can hear is a place name: “Karl-Marx-Stadt.”

Escaping from the palace, Bond becomes the prey in a festive tiger hunt, with Kamal Khan and Gobinda pursuing him atop elephants. Bond survives and eventually makes his way to Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany, where he sees Kamal Khan and General Orlov planting a nuclear device in the base of a cannon used in Octopussy’s circus. He then follows the circus to Feldstadt Air Base and disarms the bomb with only seconds to spare.

After Octopussy’s army of acrobatic women storm the Monsoon Palace and defeat Kamal Khan’s garrison, he kidnaps Octopussy and attempts his own form of escape aboard a twin-engine light plane. Bond follows on horseback (à la Indiana Jones) and eventually gets inside the cabin after an amazing fight with Gobinda atop the roof of the aircraft in flight. As Kamal Khan tries to land the disabled plane, Bond and Octopussy dive out of the cabin. The plane crashes into a hillside, killing Kamal Khan.


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