Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

The fortress home of exiled Afghan Prince Kamal Khan (LOUIS JOURDAN) in Octopussy. Located in the mountains above Udaipur, India, it’s garrisoned by hardy mountain troops that are loyal to Kamal.

Captured in Udaipur, Bond (ROGER MOORE) is brought to the palace and kept locked in his room until Kamal invites him to a perfectly awful dinner that features “stuffed sheep’s head” as the main entree. When renegade Russian General Orlov (STEVEN BERKOFF) arrives for a final briefing, Bond manages to listen in on their conversation, thanks to a bug planted in the tiny carriage -inside a phony jeweled Fabergé Easter egg. Unfortunately, due to interference from Magda‘s (KRISTINA WAYBORN) blow-dryer, all that Bond hears is “Karl-Marx-Stadt” and “one week.”

Hiding in a meat freezer that also contains the bodies of some of Kamal’s previous dinner guests, Bond impersonates a corpse and is carried out the next morning for burial. Coming to life, he knocks aside his guards and goes off into the bush, only to be chased and eventually surrounded by Kamal’s tiger hunters. Unfastening the belt on Gobinda’s (KABIR BEDI) howdah, which knocks the huge bodyguard to the ground, Bond finds an escape route that carries him to the river and eventual safety.

After their A-bomb plot in West Germany fails, Kamal and Gobinda return to the Monsoon Palace and plot their own escape. Outside, their palace is about to be invaded by Octopussy (MAUD ADAMS) and her troupe of acrobats. The athletic women eventually overwhelm the garrison with Bond and Q‘s (DESMOND LLEWELYN) help, but Kamal and Gobinda—with a kidnapped Octopussy—escape and head for the airstrip.


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