Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Fictional US Air Force base in West Germany that is targeted for nuclear destruction in Octopussy. In order to force Western Europe to unilaterally disarm, renegade Russian general Orlov (Steven Berkoff) is determined to detonate an A-bomb at Feldstadt and make it look like the Americans exploded one by mistake. He reasons that the resulting outrage will force the US to disarm, leaving European borders clear for a massive Soviet invasion.

Unbeknownst to Octopussy (Maud Adams), who thinks she’s involved in a typical jewel smuggling operation with her partner, Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan), her own circus is being used as cover for the bomb, which has been planted in the base of the circus cannon. Despite being thrown off the circus train and left far behind, James Bond (Roger Moore) manages to steal a car and head for Feldstadt to prevent the “accident.” Pursued by angry West German police and a platoon of base security troops, 007 disguises himself as a clown and quickly enters the circus tent. There he fights his way to the cannon’s base and, with Octopussy’s help (she shoots the lock off), deactivates the bomb.


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