Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Efficient U.S. Navy nuclear submarine skipper, portrayed by Bond veteran Shane Rimmer, who commands the USS Wayne in The Spy Who Loved Me. With Bond (ROGER MOORE) and Anya (BARBARA BACH) on board as observers, Carter is ordered to trail the suspicious Liparus supertanker—the pawn in billionaire shipping magnate Karl Stromberg‘s (CURT JURGENS) plan to destroy the world. Unfortunately, the cat soon becomes the mouse as the Wayne is disabled and captured by the Liparus, ending up in the belly of the tanker along with two other missing subs and crews.

With Bond’s help, Carter and his men later escape in the Wayne, which sails directly to Stromberg’s amphibian Atlantis home. When 007 fails to return from his mission to kill Stromberg and rescue Anya, Carter fires two torpedoes at Atlantis, which destroy the facility—but not before Bond and Anya get away in a cocktail-glass—shaped escape pod.


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