Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(Chukua, Assam, India, April 14, 1941 — ) Charismatic English leading lady who was one of the early choices for the role of Domino in Thunderball. Cubby and Dana Broccoli first spotted her on British television in the fall of 1964. Recalled Broccoli, “I marked her name down because she was beautiful, and both Dana and I were raving about her acting. So I brought her into the office a few days later to see Terence and Harry.

“She was very nervous. She came in wearing a pair of jeans and she was terribly disheveled and didn’t look at all like she did on television. I was disappointed in seeing her this way. In fact, I couldn’t believe it was the same girl.”

Said director Terence Young, “It wasn’t the ideal place for a shy young actress to meet the powers that be. There were a lot of people hanging around Audley Square in those days, mentally undressing every girl who walked in, and I immediately thought this chick wasn’t destined for such an atmosphere. She had class and was more than a pretty face.”

Whether she had class or a pretty face was not the question, apparently. It was the size of her breasts that was of more consequence, and according to Broccoli and Saltzman, that is where the extremely talented Christie fell a bit short. She eventually lost out to the quite voluptuous Claudine Auger.


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