Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

(March 23, 1950–     ; birth name: Corinne Picolo): Beautiful French actress who portrayed Corinne Dufour, Hugo Drax’s doomed helicopter pilot and executive assistant in Moonraker. Cléry is actually one of the highlights of the film. Cool and resourceful, she has all the classic attributes of a Bond girl. Unfortunately, she also has an extremely short life span. Her death scene in the forest, where she’s attacked and killed by Drax’s Dobermans, became the basis for Moonraker’s unusual teaser trailer. It’s one of the best-directed scenes in the film—and totally out of synch with the movie’s tongue-in-cheek approach.

Cléry, a Parisian native, made her feature debut in director Joël Le Moigné’s drama Les poneyttes (1968). The same year she did Moonraker, Cléry costarred with fellow Bond players Richard Kiel and Barbara Bach in The Humanoid (1979).


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