Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Irresponsible oil executive, portrayed by Manning Redwood, employed by Max Zorin (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) in A View to a Kill. In charge of Zorin’s oil reclamation project in the East San Francisco Bay, Conley is actually pumping seawater into the Hayward Fault, an activity that can lead to a major earthquake in the region. He’s also making final preparations for a huge explosion under the Main Strike Mine near San Francisco, which will also cause major seismic activity. The twin quakes are designed to carry out Zorin’s ambitious Project Main Strike, which will utterly destroy Silicon Valley.

Conley’s last job was as chief engineer on a South African gold mine. He left in a hurry after a cave-in killed 20 miners. Unfortunately, Conley runs afoul of another mine disaster when Zorin orders the Main Strike Mine flooded before his men have been evacuated. Protesting the senseless massacre, Conley becomes the first victim—killed by Zorin’s security chief, Scarpine (PATRICK BAUCHAU).


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