Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Code name for psychotic billionaire industrialist Max Zorin‘s (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN) plan to monopolize the world’s microchip supply by destroying Silicon Valley, California, in A View to a Kill. The plot involves triggering a huge earthquake in the region-—a cataclysmic event that will bury the high-technology capital of the United States underneath the waters of an enormous lake.

Two separate activities will precipitate the disaster. First, Zorin orders his coastal oil rigs to start pumping seawater into the extremely unstable Hayward earthquake fault. Second, and most importantly, his minions have taken over the abandoned Main Strike silver mine, which sits atop the San Andreas Fault, where a massive explosion is planned.

According to geologist Stacey Sutton (TANYA ROBERTS), who explains Zorin’s plan to Bond (ROGER MOORE) when they break into his headquarters at the mine and view an animated model of the region, the Main Strike Mine also sits above the key geological lock between the Hayward and San Andreas faults. Any explosion that occurs at Main Strike will move both faults together, triggering the massive quake that Zorin is counting on. The explosion, planned to coincide with the spring tide, is set to occur at 9:41 A.M., only one hour away.

Attempting to escape, Bond and Stacey are identified and chased into the mine shaft by May Day (GRACE JONES), Jenny Flex (ALISON DOODY), and Pan Ho (PAPILLON SOO SOO). Double-crossing his bodyguard, assistants, and all of the miners, Zorin orders the mine shaft flooded. Stacey barely escapes to the surface. The rush of water kills Jenny Flex and Pan Ho, however, and carries Bond and May Day deeper into the mine.

Realizing that she’s been double-crossed, May Day helps Bond raise Zorin’s triggering bomb, which sits atop a massive pile of explosives. Unable to deactivate it because it’s been booby-trapped, 007 and May Day place the bomb on a railroad handcar. As the seconds tick down, May Day jumps on the car and keeps a faulty hand brake from stopping the car’s momentum. The handcar arrives safely outside the mine, and the bomb detonates, blowing May Day to bits.

When Stacey is captured by Zorin and taken skyward in his blimp, Bond comes to her rescue by hanging onto one of the mooring lines. Transported across the skyline of San Francisco, where he somehow avoids being crumpled by several skyscrapers, Bond manages to wrap the mooring line firmly around one of the top girders of the Golden Gate Bridge, immobilizing the blimp.

A final battle takes place on the girder as Bond is attacked by an axe-carrying Zorin and a dynamite-wielding Dr. Mortner (WILLOUGHBY GRAY). Zorin fails, falling off the bridge to his death, and Mortner drops the dynamite before he can throw it at 007. The blimp explodes and falls into San Francisco Bay.


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